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First posted Feb 9, 2019
Last update Mar 21, 2019


Rodeo Buckles
April 26-28, 2019

The name associated with your PayPal account will be displayed on this page. If you would prefer a different listing, please send an email to specifying the buckle name and how you would like your sponsorship to be listed.
The following buckles, ribbons and awards are available as of
Mar 21, 2019 - 08:39 PM MDT

Ribbon sponsorships further down the page

Buckle Sponsorships

All-Around Cowboy Charles Handcock $300
All-Around Cowgirl Jane Lanning (JEL Enterprises) $300
Grand Marshall Phillip Patton/Chaps $250
Rodeo Rookie
Rodeo Director (3 available) Lize MacDonald
Michael Butts
Jay Beck
Rodeo Volunteer Arena/Chutes Volunteer Volunteer of the Year
Lisa Smith Carl J Schmidt (Capitol Mansion Bed and Breakfast) Diamond State Rodeo Association
$250 each
$250 each
Bull Riding Grigsby
Tom Schuelter-White
Diane Ross
Steer Riding Kody Kay Dee Zuspann
Chute Dogging Chad McGriff /Corey McCool and Elite Business Solutions Network Dorothy / Cory Griffin
Calf Roping on Foot Chuck Browning
Brian Helander
Sharon Starks-Reid
Break Away Roping Gil Cupples Walmart Spring City
(Cindy Cowan)
Team Roping John Lowe
Charles King PD
Dee Zuspann
Barrel Racing Jacky Green Lisa Bear
Peggy Howell
Pole Bending Jay Beck
Randy Killham
Randy Killham
Jay Beck
Flag Race Tom and Hance Cayree Ragsdale
Kim Paige
Steer Decorating Brian Cook
Goat Dressing Mr Anonymous Mr Anonymous
$250 $250 $250
Wild Drag Race Michelle john
Vickie Cole
Michael Norman Pauletta Schmidt
Roping Chute $300
Bucking Chutes $300 each
Kay Brown and Arkansas Complete Screening & Testing (ACST) Chad McGriff and Adventure Awaits Tours and Travel NP

Ribbon Sponsorships

All-Around Cowboy Charles Hancock $100
All-Around Cowgirl Lisa Smith
Sandy Bidwell
$100 each
$100 each
Bull Riding
Randi's Cakes & Cupcakes, Inc
Steer Riding
Chute Dogging Kay Brown and Key Employment Services (KEY) Dorothy / Cory Griffin
Calf Roping on Foot
Break Away Roping
Team Roping
Barrel Racing Jacky Green
Pole Bending
Flag Race
Rachel & Ethan Burns
Steer Decorating A Shaw, Landmark Animal Hospital
Goat Dressing Susan Baxter & Rose Eiza
$100 $100 $100
Wild Drag Race The Mikels Clan The Mikels Clan The Mikels Clan